Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Fever

Ok, fever is probably a little bit of an exaggeration. I do love this time of year though! I love the busyness of it, even though I know that is what most people complain about. Especially the shopping. We made a short list of people to get gifts for this year. Usually I like to get/make for everyone, but there isn't time or money for that this year. As a result, I am having a lot of fun buying for the few people I do get to buy for. If you didn't make the list, don't feel bad. Nathan didn't either. (I love you Sweetie!) We are hoping to get family photos made next week, and then the Christmas cards can be mailed soon after that for the people we don't get to buy for. I have also been inspired by gluten-free holiday baking, so that will be taking up time soon. It will be so worth it for the yummy smells filling our home. And the best thing, the very best thing, is that for the first time ever, Nathan and I will both be off together for two weeks at Christmas! We were off in college, but we spent it with our respective families and then met back up at campus when class started. This year we are very married, so we will be together. And with our little pookie! (not poopy, like the daycare boys always think I say) It is going to be amazing. I am already looking for fun things to do with her. I know she won't remember all the sights, smells, and sounds of her first Christmas, but I will. And I will treasure them for a very long time. I hope you're enjoying this holiday season as much as I am.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The After Party

Well, we made it through one major holiday. Only 17 more work days until my next holiday break begins. Why doesn't everyone work for a school?!?!? Anyway, I hope your Thanksgiving was great. Mine was fun. We went to Arkansas to visit family. The little one had a great time playing with all her relatives. She also practiced her new skill - crawling. She just started crawling and just hit that stage where she wants to have mommy in eye-sight at all times, so she has almost perfected crawling over to me and into my lap. Definitely my favorite trick! It's always something new with a baby though. I'm constantly having to learn what she needs for her current developmental level and mood. It's a constant evaluation, and you can take nothing for granted. It's a challenge, but so wonderful.

To update my 30 day pre-Thanksgiving challenge, I did not make significant weight/measurement differences. However, I have been exercising just about every day, I am eating less sweets and junk food, I am not eating until 10 every night, and I've had several people at work tell me I look thinner. All in all, I'm counting this as a success. My 30 day pre-Christmas challenge is going to focus on being really gluten-free. I found out that my gluten intolerance potentially added to or caused my difficulties breast feeding Abigail, and I'm on a mission to not have the same problems with the next baby, whenever it may come. So I'm going GF until the Super Bowl! Hopefully that will be long enough to really set the habit. What about the holidays, you ask? Betty Crocker makes GF cake mixes and I'm going to try to make cake balls with them. After all, everyone knows it's impossible to feel deprived when you're eating cake balls. But in case I slip, feel free to knock the fried chicken right out of my hand!

Well, back to work everybody. Make it count!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Internet, you are not a good accountability partner. I started out pretty good, but then Abigail got sick. And if you think it's hard to get things done with a healthy baby, you should try getting things done with a sick baby! So I haven't been working out, but I am doing pretty well on the food side. Unfortunately, I only lose weight if I work out, so you can't really tell. But I'm feeling, I don't know, cleaner since I've been eating better. And that's definitely something.

In other news, the election happened. Most of me is disappointed that we're not getting a new president. Or a vice president with a 6-pack. But part of me, the snarky part of me, is excited to see all the crazy things that so many conservatives are threatening will happen if Obama stays in office NOT happen. Like I said, the snarky part. All of me though is working on remembering that God said to pray for your leaders, to respect those in authority over you, and to remember that they are in power because God has allowed it. True, it could be that God allowed it as punishment (see any random chapter in the Old Testament as example), but God still allowed it. And frankly, I want to be obedient to God more than I want to rail against an elected official.

In final news, the house shopping is on a pause. When they ran our credit there was an error on the credit report which is taking hours of yelling and weeks of waiting to be corrected so that we can get the best rate possible. This is your warning, keep an eye on your credit! Preferably before you want to do something really expensive! Also, be sure at least one person in your marriage is good at calling and yelling at people. Although not being good at it is not a bad thing. Might even say something good about a person. But hopefully it will be corrected in next moth or so and we can go back to house hunting.

I hope you're having a good day, Internet. Thanks for listening :)