Monday, November 26, 2012

The After Party

Well, we made it through one major holiday. Only 17 more work days until my next holiday break begins. Why doesn't everyone work for a school?!?!? Anyway, I hope your Thanksgiving was great. Mine was fun. We went to Arkansas to visit family. The little one had a great time playing with all her relatives. She also practiced her new skill - crawling. She just started crawling and just hit that stage where she wants to have mommy in eye-sight at all times, so she has almost perfected crawling over to me and into my lap. Definitely my favorite trick! It's always something new with a baby though. I'm constantly having to learn what she needs for her current developmental level and mood. It's a constant evaluation, and you can take nothing for granted. It's a challenge, but so wonderful.

To update my 30 day pre-Thanksgiving challenge, I did not make significant weight/measurement differences. However, I have been exercising just about every day, I am eating less sweets and junk food, I am not eating until 10 every night, and I've had several people at work tell me I look thinner. All in all, I'm counting this as a success. My 30 day pre-Christmas challenge is going to focus on being really gluten-free. I found out that my gluten intolerance potentially added to or caused my difficulties breast feeding Abigail, and I'm on a mission to not have the same problems with the next baby, whenever it may come. So I'm going GF until the Super Bowl! Hopefully that will be long enough to really set the habit. What about the holidays, you ask? Betty Crocker makes GF cake mixes and I'm going to try to make cake balls with them. After all, everyone knows it's impossible to feel deprived when you're eating cake balls. But in case I slip, feel free to knock the fried chicken right out of my hand!

Well, back to work everybody. Make it count!

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