Thursday, September 27, 2012

Accounting Fun

There is someone that I consider to be an extreme saver. It's not that he saves every penny, but it seems like every penny saved has a name and an assignment. My savings account has always just been one generic fund. I may be saving for one thing, but only one at a time. And most of the time it has just been a place that hopefully has a little extra in it for when my car breaks. I've been intrigued by the idea of keeping my savings account organized, but I didn't know how without opening 16 different savings account. I think the things I'm learning in my accounting class will let me do that though! So I'm playing super nerd and making a budget for my savings account. Let the pie charts flow!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sick Sick Sick

The Nipps (2 big Nipps plus 1 Nipplet) spent last week passing a stomach bug around and around. Not much fun with a little one. I did learn that we can make it through a week with a sick baby though, so I'm kind of proud of that. I was also so grateful for all the breast milk that has been donated to us, since I'm sure that was the reason that the bug went easiest on Abigail. Next time this happens, I might add some to my cereal or something. Maybe it would help my immune system too!

I have been reading a book called The Ten Commandments of Wealth. It's by a Jewish rabbi, so it's brought up a lot of interesting points. One that was particularly convicting is the thought that anger is a sign of pride. His point is that when you are angry, it is because you feel your rights have been trampled on. For example, I get mad that people cut me off in traffic because I think "how dare he take my rightful spot!" Sometimes it's righteous, or just right, but definitely not all the time. He suggested using the times you get angry to really look at the situation and see if you have some unwarranted pride to address. I struggle a lot with pride (is it bad to think I'm awesome if I'm right?) so this was definitely something that hit home. I'll try to throw out more spoilers from the book later. You know, leave them wanting more and all that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Well, except her daddy. We're trying to help Abigail learn to sit on her own, so we prop her up with our hands, couch cushions, and anything else we can find. She'll sit a minute, then slowly lean forwards until she's bended in half and we rescue her. What I find funny is that she always reaches out her arms like she was intentionally reaching for something, not just falling over. She may be reaching for whatever is in front of her, but with her being part Nipp (jokesters) and part Coburn (smart-alecks that are never wrong), I have a strong suspicion that she is just playing it off like the cool cat she is. And frankly, that's more impressive than sitting.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Second Longest Weekend Ever

I originally was going to title this Longest Weekend Ever, but I hadn't even finished typing it before I remembered the weekend we realized Abigail wasn't getting enough milk. Feeding every 2 hours, taking meds for milk every 4 hours, and taking meds for other stuff every 6 hours. Yes, that weekend was much longer. But this weekend was rough too because my little babooshka was sick :(

Abigail had a 3-day virus, which she did not enjoy. We think she handled it quite admirably though! Only Friday afternoon/night was bad, and the rest she just wanted to cuddle and nap. Since I am blessed enough to be able to take off work when she needs me, we did get a wonderful cuddlefest. I am glad my little one is happy again though.

My precious little girl is trying so hard to crawl, although it's coming slowly. She did get one big scootch forward by sticking her butt in the air, her hands in front of her and pulling with all her might. Oh how I hope and pray she learns to crawl that way! Can't you just picture her scootching around like an earthworm?!?! It would be so funny!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just A'looking for a Home!

Hey Everybody! Exciting week last week. Why? Because the Texans are kicking butt! All those years in marching band did their job of instilling a good old American love of football in me :) It was also exciting because my sweet husband and I have decided to start looking for a house. I'm sure this has seemed like a long time coming to some, but honestly we didn't think we would be ready for a few more years. However, things being things, we decided it was time now.

Looking for a house is a lot of work already! So many decisions, not the least of which is where to buy? My husband works in the suburbs near where we live, I work in the middle of the city, and our daycare lady is somewhere in the middle. You would think, just buy in the middle, but you have to be careful what neighborhoods you look at in that area. Some are great, some not so much. And then you put a chronically lost person in charge of the search. Recipe for excitement!

I have to say though, this is fun so far. I love looking at the houses online, and you know I love to plan! Sweet Abigail will finally get the nursery she (I) has always wanted. And I feel like a grown up. It's nice to know that this round of packing will be the last for a while.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eh, Who Needs It

Alright, I admit that I am  blogging today only because I feel like I need to stay in the habit. So here is my list of Who Needs It:

1. Sleep. Yes, I am dragging myself to my cubicle and listening to loud music to stay awake, but I've decided that if Abigail insists on a crazy sleep schedule, I am going to have a good attitude and enjoy my baby! She slept like an angel for months, so she has her rights as a baby to have a weird schedule now. So we play until ten at night, then get up at five to eat and get ready for the day. (Well, I go to bed at ten and Nathan takes over until Abigail passes out.) She is happy with the schedule for now, so I am going to be happy about it to. And bring more coffee.

2. Half-marathon training. I signed up for a half-marathon to give myself incentive to run. Instead, it's turning into incentive not to run. I feel like I have to run so long if I get on the treadmill since I'm working towards 13 miles. Really, if I could just get on for 20 minutes, I think I would. This ever increasing mileage is not getting me excited though. I still have plenty of time to change my mind, but I think getting to just work out how I want, instead of train like I need to, would make me happier. I know the point of life is not my happiness, but the point of running is.

3. Shoes. In my cubicle in the corner at the end of the hall with its high walls and door (I'm secluded, can you tell?), I take off my shoes. And it is glorious! I think I'll bring slippers tomorrow.

4. Bread. I've been so good at my low carb, gluten-free eating! I lost ten pounds and am no longer ravenously hungry between meals. I feel great. Except last week when I went to too many parties at work and had too much out to eat and carbs went way up. So did my weight and my crankiness. So I'm saying bu-bye to most of the carbs again. Bring on the hot pants!

5. Apartments. I did not want a house. I was fine to stay in our apartment forever. Except now we have enough money for a tidy down payment on a house. And now I want to move tomorrow. It's a little scary how quickly my mind changed on that once the far-off possibility became possible. I'm going to look at it as encouraging that I can be content with little when that's all I can have.