Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to the Grind

Happy New Year! Sorry not to post over Christmas break. I was busy breaking and enjoying every minute! This year I had the real treat of being off for two weeks of paid vacation with my husband, which is my new favorite thing ever. We got to see lots of family, which Abigail actually loved! My mom's house is very spacious and completely baby-proof, thanks to my 18-month old brother. She took full advantage of the situation, and was crawling EVERYWHERE! She also had a lot of fun with her baby uncle, rubbing his head and tugging on his ears. I know he was excited about the unexpected head massage.

We did get some not so happy news though. My step-dad has been battling colon cancer. We thought everything was on the up and up after two clean CT scans, but he had one last week and there was a mass on his liver. We are praying that it's nothing, or if it's something that God will heal him. There are more tests coming soon to see what the situation really is though. In the meantime, any prayers are appreciated. I'm sure every family says this, but we need him here.

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