Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just A'looking for a Home!

Hey Everybody! Exciting week last week. Why? Because the Texans are kicking butt! All those years in marching band did their job of instilling a good old American love of football in me :) It was also exciting because my sweet husband and I have decided to start looking for a house. I'm sure this has seemed like a long time coming to some, but honestly we didn't think we would be ready for a few more years. However, things being things, we decided it was time now.

Looking for a house is a lot of work already! So many decisions, not the least of which is where to buy? My husband works in the suburbs near where we live, I work in the middle of the city, and our daycare lady is somewhere in the middle. You would think, just buy in the middle, but you have to be careful what neighborhoods you look at in that area. Some are great, some not so much. And then you put a chronically lost person in charge of the search. Recipe for excitement!

I have to say though, this is fun so far. I love looking at the houses online, and you know I love to plan! Sweet Abigail will finally get the nursery she (I) has always wanted. And I feel like a grown up. It's nice to know that this round of packing will be the last for a while.


  1. You're looking in the wrong town!!!

  2. I'm too lazy to try to find a job in Temple :( Plus, I'm taking classes here now