Monday, September 17, 2012

Second Longest Weekend Ever

I originally was going to title this Longest Weekend Ever, but I hadn't even finished typing it before I remembered the weekend we realized Abigail wasn't getting enough milk. Feeding every 2 hours, taking meds for milk every 4 hours, and taking meds for other stuff every 6 hours. Yes, that weekend was much longer. But this weekend was rough too because my little babooshka was sick :(

Abigail had a 3-day virus, which she did not enjoy. We think she handled it quite admirably though! Only Friday afternoon/night was bad, and the rest she just wanted to cuddle and nap. Since I am blessed enough to be able to take off work when she needs me, we did get a wonderful cuddlefest. I am glad my little one is happy again though.

My precious little girl is trying so hard to crawl, although it's coming slowly. She did get one big scootch forward by sticking her butt in the air, her hands in front of her and pulling with all her might. Oh how I hope and pray she learns to crawl that way! Can't you just picture her scootching around like an earthworm?!?! It would be so funny!!!

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