Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hell Hath No Fury

Hey Everyone. Today's lesson is about hormones. It's a short lesson, so listen up! Hormones do not pop back to normal after a miscarriage. You might think they would, but they don't. Actually, you might think they wouldn't. Apparently when the body goes through all the changes that come when you're pregnant, then something goes horribly wrong, and the body goes through all the changes of ending that pregnancy abruptly, it can take time for everything to get back to normal. It makes sense that this process would take time and have some bumps in the road, but the human body is normally so incredibly efficient that it's always a surprise when it doesn't all go smoothly. I am not going to go into more details here, but suffice it to say that we all know how much fun it is to be/be around a woman whose hormones are out of whack. Basically, we're all learning to pray for patience and grace in the Nipp household these days. Well, except for Abigail. She's just mad we won't keep our shoes on. She keeps bringing them to us when we take them off and cries if we won't put them back on. Strange kid.

Here's hoping that some balance comes back soon.


  1. Em and I are still praying for y'all. I know things will get better soon!

  2. Thank you :) We appreciate it